Wikipedia to moderate all updates

New plans for the online resource

Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia that contains thousands of band profiles and is updated unmoderated by users, looks set for a drastic format change.

The new proposals would see all updates moderated by editors.

The change would mean that updates would need to be monitored and approved by a member of the Wikipedia team before they go live.

The move, proposed by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on his Wikipedia blog, has met with some opposition from editors for the site, who claim it would make the backlog of updates requiring moderation unmanageable.

Following an online poll Wales wrote, “To the Wikimedia Foundation: per the poll of the English Wikipedia community and upon my personal recommendation, please turn on the Flagged Revisions feature as approved in the poll.”

One editor hit back at the proposal, writing, “We barely have enough people handling flagged new articles. The backlog is almost a month long. Flagged revisions will suffocate under their own weight.”

Wales responded by challenging those who oppose the move to come up with a better plan. He asked for “an alternative proposal within the next seven days, to be voted upon for the next 14 days after that”.

The site has become particularly popular with fans maintaining updated band biographies, with the likes of The Beatles being among the top ten most looked at articles.