Trio found guilty of murdering reggae star

The killing happened in South Africa

Three men have been sentenced to life after being found guilty of killing reggae star Lucky Dube in 2007.

Dube was shot dead in front of his children as Sifiso Mhlanga, Julius Gxowa, and Mbuti Mabe attempted to hijack his car in the Rosettenville suburb of Johannesburg on October 17, 2007.

Musicians and fans gathered outside the South Gauteng High Court to hear the verdict, while Dube‘s family and friends were present inside the court, reports BBC.

Upon hearing the sentence, those inside broke down in tears.

Earlier in the case, the court had heard that Dube‘s killers presumed he was Nigerian and didn’t realise his identity until after his death.

Dube was South Africa’s best-selling reggae artist, recording over 20 albums throughout his 25-year career.

Speaking after the sentencing, Dube‘s wife Zanele Dube gave her reaction.

“The sentence won’t heal me, but we are happy they were arrested and that the law took its course,” she said.

On Tuesday (March 31), two of the guilty men attempted to escape but were restrained by police.