YouTuber Marina Joyce denies drug use and says she’s found religion

#SaveMarinaJoyce went viral after kidnapping scare

YouTube star Marina Joyce has denied drug use, claiming her change in character is due to finding religion.

The 19-year-old fashion vlogger sparked concern from her fans after they thought they heard her whisper “help me” in a recent video. Some also speculated that Joyce may have been forced to film the video against her will.

After Joyce invited followers on Twitter to meet up in Bethnal Green, east London at 6.30am on Wednesday (July 27) morning, the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce went viral as fans spread their concern over the 19-year-old’s behaviour.

However, worried fans were later reassured when Enfield police tweeted that the YouTube star was “safe and well”, and Joyce herself told them she was “totally fine” and “feeling very good”.

In an interview with fellow YouTube star, Philip DeFranco, Joyce denies claims she is using drugs and blames her change in character on finding religion.

“I thought I was OK in the video, Every video I make I try to be as normal as possible,” she says. “I promise that i’m not doing drugs. I really care about my viewers and that’s the reason why I don’t take drugs.”

She continued, “I go to raves but they are drug free raves. The places I go to aren’t places where you can do those sort of things.” When asked about the “change” in her personality in recent videos, she simply said that she had become both a Christian and a Buddhist. “I became a Christian and because I had this whole spiritual quest in my life. I’m a Buddhist now,” she says.

“It scared people off and because of that, people thought I’d changed but I realised I shouldn’t have done that to my viewers.”