Swedish court orders Pirate Bay’s connection be cut

Internet service provider ordered to pull plug on site

Swedish internet service provider Black Internet has been ordered to cut the connection of torrent-sharing site The Pirate Bay.

The ruling was made at Stockholm district court on August 21, with the ISP threatened with a 500,000 kronor (£43,000) fine if it does not comply, reports business newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

The order was made because of an ongoing case between various record labels and the site’s founders over copyright crime allegations. In April four men involved with setting up the site were given jail sentences for copyright infringement. They have appealed.

Black Internet is the largest ISP serving The Pirate Bay, although it is not the only one.

The ISP‘s chief executive Victor Moeller said about the ruling: “There are laws and rules in society, and they should be respected.”

Earlier this month it was reported that shares for the Global Gaming Factory, the owners of which claimed it was set to buy the site and turn it into a legal download site, has had its shares suspended.