President Barack Obama gives the Queen an iPod

But imagine his embarrassment when he found out she already had one...

President Barack Obama gave the Queen Of England a gift of an iPod during his visit to the UK this week.

Obama, in the country for today’s G20 conference met the Queen yesterday (April 1) at Buckingham Palace and presented her with the gift, which was loaded with video footage and photographs of her 2007 US visit to Richmond, Jamestown and Williamsburg in Virginia.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Queen gave the President a silver-framed signed photograph of herself and the Duke of Edinburgh, which is apparently a standard present for visiting dignitaries.

It is believed that the Queen already owns an 6GB silver iPod Mini that she bought in 2005 at the suggestion of Prince Andrew.

Obama had earlier spoke of his admiration for the monarch at his joint press conference with Gordon Brown.

“There’s one last that I should mention that I love about Great Britain, and that is the Queen,” he said. “And so I’m very much looking forward to meeting her for the first time later this evening. And as you might imagine, Michelle has been really thinking that through – because I think in the imagination of people throughout America, I think what the Queen stands for and her decency and her civility, what she represents, that’s very important.”

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