Form 696 to stay, says top UK policeman

Chief Inspector speaks about controversial gig form

A high-ranking UK police officer has said he believes that Form 696, the controversial form used by police in some London boroughs for risk assessment of gigs, will not be scrapped despite calls for it to go.

Earlier this month, the Culture, Media and Sport Committee recommended that the form, early versions of which asked promoters to answer questions about the ethnicity of fans attending their gigs, was scrapped.

The form was then defended by Chief Insp Adrian Studd of the Metropolitan Police’s clubs and vice unit, with Studd now saying that he doesn’t think it will go following a police review.

“I’m confident the form will be staying because it’s a very effective crime prevention tool,” he told BBC 6music. The whole point of the form is to improve safety at events.”

He added that the police had listened to the Culture, Media and Sport Committee‘s points at a review, and hoped to amend the form rather than get rid of it altogether.

He said: “We have taken away all of the results from the discussion at that meeting and we’re going to put together some proposals, a couple of changes to the form that we hope everyone will feel comfortable with and feel able to sign up to.”

The form was slammed by many musicians, including Jon McClure of Reverend And The Makers, who set up a petition calling for its scrapping at

Feargal Sharkey, former Undertones singer and head of the music industry umbrella group UK Music, has also spoken out against its use.