Composer of the Addams Family theme dies

Vic Mizzy passed away on Saturday at age 93

Film and television composer Vic Mizzy has died, aged 93.

Born in Brooklyn, Mizzy was most famous for writing the theme to ‘The Addams Family’ television programme.

He composed the theme tune to ‘The Addams Family’ in the early 1960s, playing the harpsichord as well as singing the melody, overdubbing his vocals three times.

Last year Mizzy was interviewed on US TV channel CBS, and admitted that the Addams Family theme had served him well financially over the years, “That’s why I’m living in Bel-Air,” said Mizzy. Two finger snaps and you live in Bel-Air.”

Mizzy died of heart failure at Bel-Air, Los Angeles home on Saturday (Oct 17), reports the Los Angeles Times.