Isle Of Man residents to get unlimited legal music downloads?

A new scheme looks to hook up with the 'Big Four' record labels

Residents of the Isle Of Man could soon be allowed to legally download as much music as they want.

A new proposal from the Isle Of Man Government e-Business Division intends to strike a deal with major record companies to allow residents to contribute a yearly tax payment – similar to the TV licence – in return for downloading an unlimited amount of music.

The Isle Of Man‘s inward investment manager, Ron Berry told NME.COM that although the proposal was in its early stages, he was confident it would receive the appropriate backing from the music industry.

“We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t think we would get support from the record industry,” he said. “That is essential. We’ve had a lot of help so far.”

If the proposal receives backing from the music industry, Isle Of Man residents would be forced to pay a compulsory tax, regardless of how much music they download, reports The Register.