The Pirate Bay launches anonymous download service

Ipredator is set to launch on April 1

The founders of controversial torrent website The Pirate Bay have announced details of their new venture – an anonymous download service called Ipredator.

The new website will still offer users access to potentially copyrighted material but, crucially, those behind Ipredator say everyone who uses the site will have their identity protected.

Potential users will be asked to pay a monthly fee to use Ipredator.

A post on explains how the service works.

Ipredator is a network service that makes people online more anonymous using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It costs about five Euros a month and we store no traffic data,” the message reads.

“The network is under our control. Not theirs.”

By using a VPN, the new service means that authorities will effectively be unable to access Ipredator users’ details.

Ipredator is currently asking potential users to sign up to the service.

The founders of The Pirate Bay are currently awaiting the court’s verdict for their recent copyright infringement trial.