Number 10 ‘noise restriction at gigs’ petition driven by internet hoax?

Government deny 'Facebook claims' they plan to limit sound levels at UK gigs

Fears that the UK government is about to impose nationwide noise restrictions at gigs appear to be driven by a hoax, NME.COM has learned.

Currently, one of the most signed petitions on the official Number 10 website relates to the government’s alleged plans to introduce noise control measures at gigs and festivals.

The Facebook-initiated campaign urges music fans not to “Let the government cripple live music”. However, it does not identify the source of the threat or any potential new legislation.

The petition has now collected over 64,000 signatures.

After NME.COM spoke to various Health and Safety representatives, it appears there the petition is a hoax.

A spokesperson for the Department Of Media, Culture And Sport told NME.COM, that while they were unable to speak for the government as a whole, there is currently “no universal plan to fit noise control devices, or any plans at all to fit them in the way described [by the petition]”.

Meanwhile it has been pointed out by the Live Music Forum that there is no need to pass such a law as “local authorities have had the power to require venues to fit noise limiters” already.

They add: “Some local authorities may have abused their powers in this regard, however, enforcing noise limiters where they know licensees cannot afford to challenge them through the courts.

“It is worth campaigning against that, although in many ways that is already being done within the broader campaign to get small gigs out of the entertainment licensing regime altogether. The government has promised a public consultation on new exemptions for small gigs by the Spring.”