Soulja Boy song causes fans to bombard UK family with calls

'Kiss Me Thru The Phone' results in '60 calls a day' to Oldham family

An Oldham family have been bombarded with phone calls from Soulja Boy fans after their phone number was recited in his song ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone’.

Gerry Matley and his wife Catriona Howard Smith told BBC News that they were receiving around 60 calls a day since the song, which peaked at Number Six in the UK charts, was released last month.

Their phone number is the beginning of a 12-digit number sequence recited by the US star in the song.


Howard Smith said that many of the callers ended up downhearted that Soulja Boy did not pick up the phone.

“Some of them really want to believe that they have got through to their heartthrob,” she said.

She added: “They insist that we must know him in some way, we have to be ‘special’ to him. Some of them are devastated when we have to tell them that he doesn’t live in Oldham, but over the other side of the Atlantic.”

The couple said they hoped that the phone call frequency would die down soon, but were still taking things light-heartedly.

Matley said: “With my looks and my accent, I fit the perfect profile for a rapper from Oldham.”

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