Pirate Bay founder aims to bankrupt opposing lawyers

Gottfrid Svartholm asks for Pirate Bay users to help him pay back £2.4million

One of the founders of torrent website The Pirate Bay has concocted an elaborate scheme he believes will drive the lawyers who acted on behalf of the music industry in the recent copyright infringement trial out of business.

Gottfrid Svartholm‘s plan will supposedly help him to pay back a share of the £2.4 million fine handed to the four men involved in the website following the trial, which resulted in them being given year-long jail sentences.

Svartholm is asking fans of The Pirate Bay to send in donations of 1 SEK (roughly £0.08) to the Danowsky law film on the founders’ behalf.

Svartholm believes that as the law firm has to pay every time it makes a money transfer, if enough people donate they will eventually either drive Danowsky out of business, or take up valuable admin time, reports Blogpirate.org.

Fellow Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde recently demanded a retrial for their case.