‘The Wire”s Stringer Bell to release album

Stringer, real name Idris Elba, will release an album later this year

The actor who plays Baltimore drug kingpin Stringer Bell in the US TV series ‘The Wire’, is set to release an album, NME.COM can reveal.

Idris Elba is recording under the moniker Driis, and has already released one song, ‘The Best I Can’, to DJs (hear it by clicking below). He told NME.COM he plans to release a single, ‘Please Be True’ in July, then a full album later in 2009.

Hackney-born Elba described his music as “a hybrid, everything from drum’n’bass to jazz,” and said he was happy to put acting aside to work on his music.

“My personal agenda has always been about musical ambitions,” he said. “Music’s a jealous bitch – I want to take time out [from acting] to finish the album.”

Elba said he planned to tour Europe and play festivals in 2010 with his band, Trampions.

For the full interview with Elba see the new issue of NME, out now.

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