Pirate Party UK registered to enter the next general election

Political party wants to legalise file-sharing

The Pirate Party UK has officially been registered as a political party, it has confirmed.

Formally registering with the UK’s electoral commission allows the party to enter candidates in the next general election.

The Swedish version of the party, which is campaigning to legalise internet file-sharing, won a seat in the European Parliament in June.

Blogging on Pirateparty.org.uk, Party Leader Andrew Robinson outlined how significant the move is.

“Now the party can really start. It’s time for us to tell the world that we exist, to recruit members, raise funds and gear up to fight the general election. The officers and web team have built the framework that the party needs to get going, now it’s time for you to make things happen,” he wrote, before asking people to become members, donate and begin campaigning in their constituency.

The Pirate Party UK‘s manifesto says it is campaigning for:

The protection of an individual’s right to privacy
The freedom to pass on ideas and culture
The radical reform of copyright and patent law

“Copyright is not a necessary foundation for artistic and commercial advancement in any age,” the manifesto states.