Majority of young UK people still download illegal music, survey suggests

Study shows young people aren't generally in favour of paying for streamed services

The majority of young people in the UK are still downloading music illegally despite the rise of streaming services, according to a new survey.

The survey, commissioned by UK Music (an umbrella organisation representing the interests of the UK’s commercial music industry), states that 61 per cent of young people still prefer to download music illegally – down from 63 per cent last year.

Over 1800 14-to-24-year-olds from across the UK were questioned for the survey, reports

Elsewhere, 78 per cent of people said they would not pay for premium streaming services like Spotify. 49 per cent of people who would pay for unlimited streaming would also continue to download illegally, the report states.

The majority of young people – 89 per cent of those polled – also said that having ownership of MP3s was still important to them.

68 per cent of those in the survey said they listen to music on their computer every day, while only 15 per cent did the same for CD’s.

The survey also states that the average computer contains 8159 tracks.