The garage duo show there's more to them than sampling theme tunes...

OXIDE & NEUTRINO, the UK Garage duo who topped the UK charts in May with their CASUALTY sampling ‘BOUND 4 DA RELOAD (CASUALTY)’ track, have announced details of a new single and a debut studio album.

The pair, who also work as part of the South London So Solid collective, will release their second single, ‘No Good 4 Me’ on December 18 through East West.

‘No Good 4 Me’, features a sample from the Evelyn and the Champagne King track ‘No Good For Me’, which was famously sampled on the the Prodigy’s hit ‘No Good (Start The Dance)’. The track also features guest vocals from So Solid members Romeo, Mega Man and Lisa Maffia.

The as-yet-untitled album is set to follow in the Spring, and the tracks completed so far are said to see the pair pursuing a far more hardcore and jungle led sound than much of the R&B based commercial UK Garage.