PRS For Music outlines initial plans for Joint Online Licence

Licence sets out how much streamed music services should pay musicians

Music royalties body the PRS For Music has published the first details of the new Joint Online Licence (JOL), which will control the amount services like Last.FM and We7 pay artists in royalties.

The current JOL deal expires on June 30, and the renegotiated contract has been subject to much speculation.

Last.FM founder Martin Stiksel recently told NME.COM that the current JOL “is required to change drastically” for it to have any chance of working properly in the future.

Now, initial details of the new deal have been published on

At present, only the details of the licences for subscription music services and official download sites have been published on the website. The licence for non-subscription/download sites like Last.FM is set to go online within the next month.

PRS For Music has over 60,000 members. It recently came to blows with YouTube, when the Google-owned site claimed that new royalty rates the PRS For Music was negotiating were too expensive.

The issue – which is still unresolved – resulted in the removal of hundreds of official music videos from YouTube.