Raygun have ‘Lack Of Self Awareness’ viral hit video removed from web

Band have been ridiculed online for clip

An online “viral hit” video featuring British band Raygun has disappeared from YouTube despite the video’s popularity.

The clip featured the group being interviewed for TV programme 4Play; however, thanks to their highly clichéd answers, the band have been mercilessly mocked online and the clip has been given the alternative title of “Lack Of Self Awareness“.

However, the footage has been removed from the video-sharing site due to “a copyright claim by Sony BMG Music Entertainment“, the band’s label.

Despite the original being pulled, new versions of Lack Of Self Awareness have since reappeared online – you can scroll down and watch one below.

The video features the band claiming that their music sounded like what you’d hear if you “stuck Iggy Pop, James Brown, David Bowie and Shirley Bassey in a lift”.

They also claimed that their music was “inspired by the perils of hedonism, when you go out and indulge too much and regret it the next day. Anything that you think is good for a while can end up being so harmful to yourself, whether it’s love or sex or drugs or alcohol”.

Speaking about their creative process, they say that on an average day they will “be at home, knocking up some beats or whatever… and then we kind of get together and mash two types of songs, a hybrid of style really. Delia Smith. Psychedelia Smith. Mixing it up and see what happens”.