MP3 Digital Rights Management technology finished?

Napster is latest online store offering unrestricted songs

Napster has cast even more doubt on the future of Digital Rights Management, by opening the biggest ever DRM-free online MP3 store.

The company is joining the likes of Amazon and eMusic in offering unrestricted MP3s, which can be played on any MP3 or CD player.

The store contains over six million MP3s, each available to buy at 79p.

Napster had previously operated a subscription “all you can eat” service.

Explaining the move, the company’s boss Chris Gorog said: “It’s great that we have finally gotten here. It is really the beginning of a level playing field, which I think is essential for Napster, but also for the health of the digital music business in general.”

The most popular online music store, iTunes, also offer a DRM-free service in addition to their usual formats.