Survey warns clubbers loud music will send you deaf

More young people effected by tinnitus than ever

Deafness charity the RNID (Royal National Institute For Deaf People) are warning clubbers that loud music could be destroying their hearing.

A survey carried out by the charity suggested that 90 per cent of young people are show signs of hearing damage.

The charity have launched a “Do You Practise Safe Decks” campaign – along with the help of DJs, bands, radio and venues – hoping to raise awareness about the hazards of exposition to loud noise and the increased risk of tinnitus, especially amongst the young.

Speaking on the official RNID website, campaign manager Emma Harrison explained: “”If you’re clubbing and you have to shout to be heard by someone two metres away, your hearing is at risk. Noise over 85 decibels – like a loud alarm clock, heavy traffic or a power drill at close range – will damage hearing over time, and there’s no way to repair it.”

DJ Jazzy M, also involved in the campaign said: “You listen to loud music for so long, you become disco deaf. After many years of loud music you really start to feel the effects. You definitely need to protect your hearing.”

The campaign are encouraging those who are likely to be enjoying live music to use earplugs as part of their campaign. There is also discussion of limiting volumes at venues, although some clubbers and promoters have rejected the idea.