Official drugs advice body: ‘Cannabis should remain a Class C drug’

Advisory council gives verdict on the classification of the drug

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs has stated they believe cannabis should remain a Class C drug.

The recommendation comes despite Prime Minister Gordon Brown suggesting that the substance should be a Class B drug in order to send a message to users.

The body, which advises the government on drugs policy, has been asked to look into cannabis issues again after concerns were raised over stronger strains of the drug, BBC News reports.

The council refused to confirm or deny their verdict officially, but will submit their findings and opinions to the government later in April.

If the government reclassifies cannabis as a Class B drug – which political commentators believe they might – it will now be directly against the advice of the official body for advice on drugs policy.

It is believed that around 6 million Britons have tried cannabis, with 2 million of these being classed as ‘regular users’.

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