New Pirate Bay adviser spells out legitimate future

Wayne Rosso hails new 'ingenious' new model set for torrent site

A key advisor to the potential new boss of torrent website The Pirate Baywhich is set to become a legal music venture once its sale goes through – has outlined the future plans for the site.

Wayne Rosso, who has been hired by Global Gaming Factory X AB CEO Hans Pandeya to work on the project, revealed he has met with London music executives to help forge a viable legal version of the notorious torrent website.

Global Gaming Factory X AB are set to acquire The Pirate Bay in August, having bought it in June for 60 million Swedish SEK (£4.7 million).

Blogging on, Rosso revealed the plans for what he calls ‘The Pirate Bay 2.0’.

Working under a ‘cloud’ network system, users will be encouraged to dedicate their own hard drive space to the site. They will be asked to pay a monthly fee to use the site, though how much they pay will depend how much space they devote to The Pirate Bay.

“I’m calling this new model ‘resource supported’,” Rosso explained in his blog, adding that the new plan was an “ingenious” idea.

“In short, the more computer resources the user contributes to The Pirate Bay, the more his content consumption is subsidized. I won’t drill down any further due to commercial confidentiality, but it can actually work. And if it does, it will be huge.”

Global Gaming Factory X AB bought The Pirate Bay after its four founders and hosts were jailed and fined for copyright infringement offences.