Heston Blumenthal to help make woodwind instrument out of dead pig

Celebrity chef will assist Matthew Herbert

Heston Blumenthal is set to help musician Matthew Herbert make a woodwind instrument out of the bones of a dead pig for his next album.

Herbert has announced that he is set to raise and slaughter a pig before the celebrity chef prepares it for consumption – then the bones will be converted into an instrument, report Fact magazine.

The project will be for a new album, ‘One Pig’, and will chart the life of the swine in question from its birth to death. Herbert said the pig “will be cooked, the head by Heston Blumenthal, who will have a banquet… the bones will be turned into a flute on which to play”.

Attempting to justify the bizarre album plan, he added: “There is all this locked-up potential in sound. That is what my work is about – it is the artist’s responsibility to make connections, no matter how absurd they are and where they lead us to.”

Herbert is no stranger to bizarre recording styles. In 2001 he released ‘Bodily Functions’, a record that sampled manipulated human hair, skin and organs.