Low Vs Diamond gear up for massive US tour

LA darlings hit the road with Santogold and Ting Tings

Low Vs Diamond are gearing up for their first large-scale tour of the US with Santogold and The Ting Tings, which kicks off next week.

The Los Angeles-based quintet, who recently released their self-titled debut in the US, ended up with a record deal after catching the ear of Dominic Hardisty, the man who first signed The Killers.

The Killers‘ manager saw us play at (LA club) Spaceland and said he really liked our band,” explained frontman Lucas Field. “He sent it to someone called Dominic Hardisty who came and saw us, and he said: ‘I’m starting a little label called Marrakesh, I want to put out your EP and your CD.’

“I think he rushed us a little bit,” Field admitted. “He had us go to England and play a few shows before we’d formed into what we wanted to be. But I think it helped us get our record deal in America by going over there and building up steam.”

The band subsequently landed a deal with Epic Records in America and Marrakesh Records in the UK, where their debut album will be released next year.

As for touring with Santogold, Field said: “Santo, as everyone knows, is pretty amazing and we’re ready to start things off each night and get some fans.

“I think the diversity of styles on this tour combined with the quality of everyone playing is going to make this worth every dollar. Not to mention we’re playing some the best venues in the whole country. I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a good few months.”

The tour kicks off in New York on September 19 and concludes in Los Angeles on October 14, as previously reported.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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