Social networking site for gig fans launches

Site allows users to track which gigs they're going to and archive past concerts

A new social networking site aimed at gig-goers has launched today (June 9).

Songkick allows users to collate, review and provide setlists, posters and ticket stubs of gigs they have been to in the past and gigs they are planning to attend in the future.

Songkick‘s indexing technology allows it to list upcoming gigs from 25 online ticket vendors, meaning that users can search for gigs taking place close to them.

Songkick‘s founder and CEO Ian Hogarth said he wants the site to become the internet’s main site for sourcing and assembling information on live music throughout the world.

“An amazing concert can change your life, and some concerts have been landmark cultural events,” Hogarth said in a statement.

“We wanted to give these events a place to live forever, online, so we’ve spent a year aggregating Songkick‘s social database. We now provide an online home for the social documentation of these events, which we hope will serve as a testament to the history of live music.”

Archived concerts in Songkick‘s database currently stretch back to Bob Dylan‘s May 1, 1960 appearance at Karen Wallace‘s home in Minnesota.

Songkick is open to the public now.