Fall Out Boy cancel record-breaking attempt

Band won't make it to Antarctica after all

Fall Out Boy have been forced to cancel their trip to Antarctica, despite making every attempt to get to the continent.

After bad weather prevented the band from making the scheduled trip on Tuesday (March 25), they looked to a special plane, which can land in adverse weather conditions.

The �Hercules� plane “has four propellers and is used for take-offs and landings in conditions with bad runways and bad weather,” bassist Pete Wentz wrote on his blog.


Even the �Hercules� could not defeat the bad weather, however, leading to the cancellation of the trip which would have seen the band break a world record for having played on every continent.

“It’s an utter f—ing disappointment… It’s so insane. We had this idea, and then to not be able to fulfill it is just disappointing, especially when you put it out there. But what are you gonna do, wait until winter’s over?” Wentz told MTV.com.

As previously reported, the band were to be joined by an official from the Guinness Book Of World Records for the trip, which they were making with Greenpeace.

Speaking from Chile, around two hours from Antarctica, frontman Patrick Stump said: “I’m sure ‘Guinness’ won’t ever return our phone calls again, I’m sure a lot of people are going to laugh at us, but the fun thing is I’ll be laughing with them, because it’s pretty funny that we made it all the way down to Chile. And we got really freaking far. It’s still pretty cool. If we lost, and our name is never in some book for breaking some record, it’s still pretty freaking cool.”

–By our New York staff.

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