Fuck Buttons reveal ‘intense’ sessions behind Andrew Weatherall-produced album

Duo speak to NME.COM about the follow-up to 'Street Horrrsing'

Fuck ButtonsAndrew Hung has shed some light on the recording process of his band’s forthcoming new album ‘Tarot Sport’.

Working alongside famed DJ, producer and remixer Andrew Weatherall – known for his collaborations with the likes of Primal Scream, Happy Mondays and New OrderHung admitted that they needed an “intense” working environment to create the record that is released on October 12.

“It was a really intense but extremely satisfying experience at the same time,” Hung told NME.COM which he recorded with fellow bandmate Benjamin John Power at Rotters Golf Club Studio in London.


“Because we were having to contribute ideas and articulate them to all the parties involved we worked really closely, for really long, full days for three weeks or so. That’s why it was so intense.”

Asked as to why the duo opted to work with Weatherall on ‘Tarot Sport’, Hung said that the duo “were conscious of not repeating the sound on ‘Street Horrrsing’“, their debut for ATP Recordings.

The electronic duo are set to play the Geoff Barrow curated concert Invada Invasion on September 26 at Bristol Colston Hall, alongside the likes of Mogwai, Crippled Black Phoenix, Team Brick and Gonga.

New single ‘Surf Solar’ will be the first single release from ‘Tarot Sport’ on September 14.