Goth killing: 15-year-old found guilty of murder

Mother says victim was killed because of the way she looked

A 15-year-old has been found guilty of the murder of Sophie Lancaster, 20, reportedly killed because she was a goth.

As previously reported, Brendan Harris and four other teenagers kicked Lancaster to death in Stubbylee Park, Bacup, Lancashire in August 2007.

Another boy, Ryan Herbert, has already pleaded guilty to the murder.

Lancaster‘s boyfriend Robert Maltby was seriously injured in the seemingly unprovoked attack, and has still not recovered from the injuries he sustained.

The victim’s mother, Sylvia Lancaster, has released a statement following the verdict, stating that her daughter was killed because of her appearance.

Lancaster said: “First, obviously, I have lost an adoring and adorable daughter. She was intelligent, brave, courageous and had a social conscience beyond her years.

“Her death has also ruined the lives of those responsible as well as the lives of their families. On a wider scale it is a tragedy for a society which in the past has prided itself on its tolerance.

“I am convinced Sophie was killed simply because of the way she looked. She did not necessarily conform to the ideals of those who took her life.”

All five defendants have pleaded guilty to charges of causing grievous bodily harm.