Jocelyn Brown suing Snap! over ‘The Power’

Singer says she is owed £10 million

Jocelyn Brown is suing German pop group Snap for £10 million – having accused them of using her vocals without permission on their 1990 hit ‘The Power’.

The singer alleges that the band used her vocal hook from her 1986 song ‘Love’s Gonna Get You’ without permission and as she is owed the sum, which equates to half the revenue the song has earned, reports the Daily Mirror.

‘The Power’ has featured in over 500 advertisements and films.

“They [Snap] started saying they had re-recorded the vocal with another singer,” she said, “which was insulting, don’t you think I know my own voice?”

She added: “I used to feel depressed that they had stolen my voice. Now I’ve decided to fight.”