Metropolitan Police Form 696 revised following musicians’ pressure

Category asking for 'music genre' for gigs removed

Form 696, which is used by the Metropolitan Police for the risk assessment of gigs in some London boroughs, has been revised following pressure from objectors, including many musicians.

The form, which police ask some gig promoters to fill out when they are organising live events, used to ask for details of the ethnicity of fans attending the event, plus the style of music set to be played.

The ethnicity question was removed in a revision following objections from many promoters, bands and the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Now the question about the style of music to be played has been removed, reports BBC News.

A petition against the form’s use was set up last year by Jon McClure of Reverend And The Makers at

Former Undertones singer Feargal Sharkey, head of music industry umbrella group UK Music, had also criticised the Met for using the form, questioning the link between violence and live music.