Osama bin Laden’s niece plays gig in London pub

Wafah Dufour performs British show

Osama bin Laden‘s niece Wafah Dufour played a gig in London last night (March 19).

Playing at the Old Blue Last, the singer and her band – Dufour – performed a short set including songs titled ‘In The Mud’ and ‘Generator’.

Barely speaking during the early evening set, Dufour did interact with the audience at the end of the gig, stepping into the throng to deliver her final vocals from among the crowd.


Although Dufour is related to Bin Laden, she was ostracised from the Saudi dynasty as a child after her mother fled the Middle East to preserve her daughters’ rights to free thought.

Dufour, who is also a model, has lived in New York for most of her life. She is currently recording her debut album.

As previously reported, Black Lips have said they are considering collaborating with Dufour in the near future.