Government urges ISPs to send ‘educational’ letters to music pirates

The 'Digital Britain' report also encourages the music industry to work with ISPs

A new government report on the future of Britain in the digital age has recommended persistent online music pirates be sent “educational” letters informing them of their wrongdoings.

Lord Carter‘s Digital Britain paper, which aims to set out steps to ensure Britain’s position at the forefront of the digital revolution, said that it was crucial to tackle online piracy.

The paper said offenders should be notified of their wrongdoing by letter, and that serial offenders should then face content owners in civil courts.

However, the paper did not endorse the “three strikes and you’re out” rule as favoured by the music and film industries.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and the music industry will also be encouraged to continue to work together to try and find a workable solution to illegal filesharing.

“We need to ensure that all the work, and the increased understanding it has engendered, is not wasted,” the report said.