Croatian band ‘demand ban on the Catholic Church in Slovenia’

Let 3 cause controversy with their new manifesto

Croatian band Let 3 are trying to get the Catholic Church banned in Slovenia.

The band, who formed in 1987 and have won a number of Croatian music awards, released a manifesto addressed to the Slovenian nation declaring their thoughts.

In the manifesto, the band demand that Slovenia completely abolish Catholicism by September 1, 2009. Between then and now, they want a “prohibited” operation of the religion.

During this “transitional period”, Let 3 want only six of The 12 Apostles to be used by the church (Andrew, John, Matthew, Simon the Zealot, Judas Iscariot, and James, son of Zebedee) to be recognised.

The band said their thoughts on the issue have been documented in a new DVD.

“The title almost wrote itself,” they revealed. “Ziva Picka (‘Live Pussy’)”. Despite the controversial nature of the manifesto, the band believe they can proceed.

“We are confident that the Slovenian authorities will accept our conditions, and that life without the Catholic Church will be enjoyable for all Slovenians, as well as life with Let 3,” they said.

The group have not given any obvious reasons behind their decision to take on the Roman church, or why Slovenia is their target.

According to their Wikipedia entry, the band are not new to causing controversy. In 1997, they distributed a completely blank CD as their new album (‘Necuveno’), which sold 350 copies.