Blur, Radiohead and Kate Nash launch ‘music artists’ coalition’

Klaxons, Kaiser Chiefs and Robbie Williams all support the group

Kate Nash, Radiohead‘s Ed O’Brien and Blur drummer Dave Rowntree are among the artists hoping to establish a new committee dedicated to give bands in the music industry more of a voice.

Called Featured Artists’ Coalition (FAC), the group was initially launched at this year’s In The City festival in Manchester.

The committee has already met with Culture Secretary Andy Burnham to discuss a loophole in copyright law that allows DVD makers to use artists’ music without paying for it. One band manager told (Music Week) that “nine out of ten” DVDs in major retailer stores are unofficial titles like this.

Rowntree says he wants to turn FAC into a legitimate organisation so it can “campaign for change in the music industry”.

He said: “This is a lively group of people who are interested in artists’ voices finally being heard.”

Since its launch, over 700 people have signed up to FAC, including Klaxons, Radiohead, Robbie Williams and Kaiser Chiefs.