Russian ravers blinded by lasers

Party-goers at illegal bash suffer 80 percent sight loss

Twelve revellers have been blinded by lasers at an illegal rave: the Aquamarine Open Air Festival in Kirzhach, Russia.

The ravers were taken to hospital complaining of substantial sight loss, with some reporting as much as 80 per cent blindness. Another 17 ravers reported vision problems after the event.

Lasers that were meant to shine into the sky were reflected off the roof of a giant tent into revellers’ eyes after the rave was moved indoors so attendees could avoid the rain.

Elena Grishina of the Moscow Opthalmological Hospital told NTV that the problems are the result of a “deterioration in the sharpness of the eyesight, not a burn”.

It’s currently uncertain whether the damage is permanent, although it has been reported that some of those affected are planning to take legal action against the organisers, who did not possess the correct permits to hold the event.