Donors overwhelm free sperm festival offer

Sperm For Tickets applications 'far exceed expectations'

The Sperm For Tickets project has received an unprecedented number of applications.

As previously reported, sperm donors who applied were offered free tickets to any music festival in Europe under the new initiative, apparently to increase Ireland’s sperm reserves.

Sperm For Tickets has posted an “urgent” update, stating they have been overwhelmed by applicants.

“The purpose of this website was to test market interest through a pilot scheme. Applications for donation packs have far exceed the expectations,” they explained. “Our clients are calling a halt to the invitation to apply for packs and will review the results of the scheme to decide on how to proceed.”

It is not yet clear whether sample packs will be sent out, enabling fans to obtain free passes to festivals of their choice.

The statement added: “If the clinic decide to proceed with the mail system after examining the results of the pilot scheme, all people who applied for donation packs will be contacted.”

It is believed Irish think tank Area 52 are behind the idea for the experiment.