Goth killing: 999 call played in court

Witness claims couple were assaulted 'for no reason'

A 14-year old girl, who witnessed the killing of goth Sophie Lancaster, in Bacup, Lancashire, in August 2007, told emergency services she and her boyfriend were assaulted “for no reason”.

The girl, who cannot be named due to legal reasons, dialled 999 when she and two male friends witnessed the attack on Lancaster, 20, and her boyfriend Robert Maltby, 21, in Stubbylee Park.

The recording of her 13-minute call was played in Preston Crown Court yesterday (March 12).

She told the operator: “This mosher’s just been banged because he’s a mosher. It’s a mosher just been banged for no reason.”

As previously reported, the couple were set upon by five teenagers in an apparently unprovoked attack – Lancaster died of her injuries two weeks later, while Maltby survived, but has still not made a full recovery.

According to The Times, the girl also described the state of the victims to the operator, saying: “His girlfriend is on the floor as well. They’re still breathing but they are full of blood. Please just send an ambulance quick. She’s choking on her blood, please will you help us quick?”

After placing them in the recovery position, the 14-year old said: “They’re just laid there with blood all over their face [sic], they can’t even move, they just look like dummies.”

The case continues.