Fall Out Boy discuss new album, Pete Wentz’s new baby

'I think having a child intrinsically changes things' says Andy Hurley

As Fall Out Boy gear up to release their new album, ‘Folie A Deux’ on December 16, they’ve admitted the impact of fatherhood on one of the band has changed things.

In addition to facing an uncertain economy and an altered music industry since they put out 2007’s ‘Infinity On High’, bassist/songwriter Pete Wentz and his wife Ashlee Simpson just had their first child.

When asked how the birth of the new baby will affect the band, drummer Andy Hurley told NME.COM: “I think having a child intrinsically changes things. It’s something we’ll be getting used to for the next couple of months – how to balance it for Pete. We’d do anything for Pete, Ashlee and baby Bronx. So we’ll see.”

“I know Pete is a consummate workaholic so he’ll still try to do everything while being an awesome dad and probably bringing Bronx out whenever he can,” he added. “I don’t think he can do that now because he’s still too little but I don’t think he wants it to change too drastically. It’s a balancing act when it’s your first baby. There’ll be some time for us to get used to it, but either way it’s awesome.”

Hurley also explained that Fall Out Boy are figuring out how to navigate changes in the music industry, which has seen declining record sales and the loss of programmes that showcase music videos.

“The music industry is a completely different place,” he said. “When I shoot a video I don’t understand where it goes anymore. Before it was MTV but now there are no shows that play videos anymore. Also, the economic crisis is in full swing and people are buying things they need to survive rather than records and concert tickets. It’s a scary wild-west type of place right now.”

Meanwhile, Fall Out Boy are gearing up to play a handful of US club dates next month to preview the new album, which features several notable collaborations with musicians, including Blondie singer Debbie Harry, Pharrell Williams and Elvis Costello, among others.

Pharrell was really cool,” Hurley said. “He laid down beats and Patrick (Stump) would come up with vocals and melodies. It happened so fast.”

As for teaming up with Costello, Hurley said, “Elvis is Patrick‘s favourite person on earth as a musician, singer and songwriter. We put the idea out there, and it turned out we knew someone who knew someone and we sent (Costello) the song. He had bronchitis or some lung ailment and we didn’t know if it would happen. I remember Patrick texting me that Elvis might be on the album and that was cool enough. But then it actually happened.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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