MySpace accused of stealing band’s URL

Argument breaks out after MySpace gives band no choice in the matter

Montreal band Mobile have accused MySpace of snatching their URL on the service without asking permission.

The band, who released new album ‘Tales From The City’ in October, were informed of the change after receiving an email from MySpace.

“We are in the process of making MySpace better, which requires the use of the URL you have chosen,” explained the note. “MySpace will reset your URL within 48 hours of receipt of this email. After it has been reset, you will be able to choose another URL.”

The band’s manager, Don Affleck, accused MySpace of unfairly taking the band’s URL because it was similar to the one for a new MySpace mobile phone service.

Affleck told Hypebot: “This is a fucking joke right?! Nope, apparently Team MySpace (fuck ya!) came down and rained fire on Mobile‘s MySpace URL because they are launching their Mobile platform whose URL is

“The band’s URL was – so they’re [MySpace] not even using the band’s actual URL! They just couldn’t stand to lose any eyeballs during their marketing roll-out of their wonderful new service!”

The band have now been forced to set up a new MySpace URL at