Culture secretary: ‘music fans exploited by touts’

Body chief speaks out against reselling of gig tickets

The UK’s Culture Secretary Andy Burham has spoken out about the reselling of gig tickets at inflated prices.

Burham said that promoters and event owners need to ensure fans get tickets at a fair price. His view is at odds with the government’s, which is lenient towards those who sell on tickets in the secondary market.

In a statement, Burham said: “Fans are the lifeblood of our sporting and entertainment culture, and young fans keen to get to events are often the most exploited.

“Event owners and promoters need to work harder to ensure that real fans get tickets at a fair price.”

Burham said that the inflated prices of gig tickets deny access to those who are least able to afford them. Burham added that he was working with event organisers to find a way to stop people selling tickets on at a profit. He set out a plan of how to achieve his aims.

Firstly, he said he would push for certain high profile ‘crown jewel’ events to not get sold on the secondary market. The government already has an agreement with eBay regarding this.

Secondly, he said he would work in the Society of Tickets Agents and Retailers (STAR) to deliver a new code of principles for the ticketing market that would meet consumers’ needs. This would include limits on a number of tickets sold to a person and clear refund policies.

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