Fall Out Boy donate $50,000 to fight Proposition 8

Band show support to keep gay marriage legal

Fall Out Boy have made a donation to the tune of $50,000 to the fight against Proposition 8, a bill that could see gay marriage banned in California.

Same sex-marriage was legalised in the state this year, but a state constitutional amendment could see the decision overturned if Proposition 8 passes.

“We believe government shouldn’t legislate love. Vote no on proposition 8,” the band said in a statement, while Pete Wentz was less subtle in a personal blog saying: “There are a lot of causes out there — a lot of ‘good’ fights to be fought. I think proposition 8 is pretty lame — as many others do too. It’s fucking lame.”


Wentz hinted that the band’s dissatisfaction with excessive product placement in their new video ‘I Don’t Care’ was the reason they managed to get the money donated to the campaign No On 8.

“I’d love to tell you the story of how we got someone to donate a bunch of money to fight proposition 8” he said on his blog “but i am not allowed to. you may be able to tell from the video. ill let you have at it.”

As previously reported, the video went on sale on iTunes, and was full of product placement of Nokia phones, prompting Wentz to have the clip removed from iTunes and Youtube.

Wentz blogged: “This will probably end up deleted either by me or someone else but the version of the video that we worked on night after night is not the version that aired. Yet somehow a cut full of glorious camera phone shots did. Just to let you know. It doesn’t make any sense to us.”

Dad-to-be Wentz said that any deals done with the phone company would benefit a good cause and not Fall Out Boy saying:

“That bag of money is being donated straight to a cause far more worthy.”


–By our New York staff.

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