BBC chief says ‘Top Of The Pops’ may return

Classic music show will have to update itself though

Axed BBC music show ‘Top Of The Pops’ could be in line for a comeback.

The programme stopped broadcasting in 2006 but still had a Christmas special and sister show ‘Top Of The Pops 2’ on the TV.

However the BBC recently announced they would be halting the Christmas special much to public dismay – Simon Cowell even offered to transmit it on ITV.

However despite this it seems the show could return in the future.

Speaking to the head of music entertainment for BBC TV, Mark Cooper, said: “I would personally love to have a weekly music show on the BBC. It’s a sleeping beauty. One day it will come back, in the way that ‘Top Gear’ and ‘Doctor Who’ came back.

Cooper added it would not be reinstated due to ratings figures, explaining: “It’s probably no longer the case that ‘Top Of The Pops’ can be revived on the basis of it being an entertainment programme – instead it may have to be judged as a public service.”

One unnamed music industry insider explained the programme would have to get with the times.

The source said: “There is only one chance for a comeback, and the programme will fail again if it returns exactly as before. It needs to be more populist and have exclusive content, new songs, that can be put up on YouTube and shared around the internet.”