UN warns about rock star drug use influence

Watchdog says lenient sentences sends wrong message to fans

The United Nations watchdog has claimed that giving lenient sentences to celebrities, including rock stars, who commit drug offences sends the wrong message to young people.

Philip Emafo, president of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), claimed that narcotics abuse was glamourised when celebrities took illegal drugs, reports BBC News.

“Celebrities are often involved in illicit drug trafficking or in illicit drug use and this is glamourised,” he said. “If, indeed, they have committed offenses they should be dealt with.”


The warning comes after a series of high-profile music stars have been seen to be taking drugs in the public eye.

There being complaints from some commentators that the likes of Pete Doherty had been treated too leniently by courts when they had been charged with drug possession, although the UN did not single out any particular celebrity.