UK Government to downgrade ecstasy’s legal status?

It's being argued that the drug is less harmful than cocaine or heroin

The body that advises the UK government on its illegal drugs policy is meeting to discuss the possibility of downgrading ecstasy to a Class B drug.

Professor David Nutt, chairman for the Advisory Council On The Misuse Of Drugs, has claimed that ecstasy is less harmful than other Class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine, and should be downgraded.

He faces tough opposition from both the government and the Association Of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) though, reports BBC News.

Tim Hollis, ACPO‘s lead officer on drugs, claimed that downgrading ecstasy would send out an “unfortunate message”, while a Home Office spokesman said the government is strongly against reclassifying the drug.

Ecstasy can and does kill unpredictably,” he said. “There is no such thing as a ‘safe dose’.”

In 2007, Nutt argued that alcohol and tobacco pose more risks to society than ecstasy, LSD or amphetamines.