Right wing record label brings chaos to Somerset village

800 festival-goers wreak havoc at bash

Around 800 people wreaked havoc in a Somerset village last weekend (September 20) waving swastika flags, drinking and chanting at what was supposed to be a ‘scooter and music festival’.

Festival organisers didn’t warn the residents of Redhill in Somerset that the bash was organised to remember the singer from a skinhead band who died 15 years ago, The Sun reports.

Record label ISD, who were running the festival, say that they are the “oldest and most dependable White Nationalist Movement CD label”.

Ian Saunders, manager of The Bungalow Inn, on the grounds of which the event took place, said, “If I knew that this would happen I would never have allowed it.”

No arrests were made with regard to the event, although police received dozens of complaints.