Seattle man bombarded with sexts from fans after acquiring Sir Mix-A-Lot’s old phone number

Jonathan Nichols started receiving strange messages after buying a new phone in 2012

A man from Seattle has described how he was bombarded with raunchy text messages after unknowingly acquiring Sir Mix-A-Lot’s old phone number.

Jonathan Nichols, a former law student at Seattle University, recently spoke to the Seattle Times and explained that he bought a new phone in 2012 and soon started receiving strange texts.

One message included a link to a musician making beats on Youtube, to which Nichols replied: “That’s pretty cool, but you clearly have the wrong number”.

He would also get messages from luxury-car dealerships. Nichols would text back: “I think you have the wrong guy. I’m a broke law student.”

Nichols, currently working as a public-interest attorney, soon started receiving sexts from fans. “You need to stop,” he said he would reply.

Then on August 12, he was flooded with birthday wishes for one Anthony Ray. Upon Googling the name, he realised it was 90s rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot. “That’s when it all made sense,” Nichols said.

The Seattle Times approached Sir Mix-A-Lot himself, who responded: “Are you serious? That is hilarious. Poor fella.”

Sir Mix-A-Lot also offered advice to Nichols: “Don’t check any text messages in front of your wife”.