Indie band turns itself into company instead of signing record deal

Francis And The Lights become a business

An American band have registered themselves as a company as an alternative to signing a record deal.

New York band Francis And The Lights have incorporated themselves and received an investment of

$100,000 from The Normative Music Company rather than sign a conventional contract.

Speaking about the deal, Normative‘s Jake Lodwick likened the arrangement to an internet start-up working with a venture capital firm.

“[Singer] Francis Starlite is an uncompromising musician and a strong leader. I believe he will bring Francis And The Lights to international stardom,” he said. “As a fan of his music, I see no alternative. The traditional role of a ‘manager’ who makes strategic decisions is incompatible with a man whose vision requires absolute control of all artistic and business decisions.”

Francis And The Lights supported MGMT in Brooklyn on Halloween (October 31), while a selection of their music can be heard on the band’s MySpace page.