Government Committee recommend ‘legitimising’ ticket touts

New report says promoters should get a cut of re-sold tickets

A new report from the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee has proposed that ticket touts are recognised as “legitimate”, claiming that they provide a good service for fans to get tickets after a gig has sold out.

The report focuses on the issue of making sure promoters get cuts of profits of resold tickets. The Members Of Parliament who sit on the committee suggested that promoters and ticket agencies work together and self-regulate without the need for new laws to be imposed.

The report went on to say that those who re-ell tickets need to “clean up their act”, mainly by not advertising tickets for gigs for which they don’t actually have in their possession yet.

Committee chairman John Whittingdale MP said that further research was needed to find out what proportion of gig tickets ended up in the hands of touts.

He conceded that the figure could be between 20 and 40 per cent, and that this needed looking into.