Internet Service Provider refuses to ban illegal downloaders

Company refuses to back downloading crackdown

Internet service provider Carphone Warehouse has rejected plans by the music industry to crack down on people who download music illegally.

The company said proposals to disconnect those who persistently download music illegally were unreasonable.

Chief Executive Charles Dunstone claimed that it was not the responsibility of internet service providers (ISPs) to punish users for their online behaviour.

The British Phonographic Industry had proposed a ‘three strikes’ policy for users who persistently download illegally, with connections being severed if warnings were not acted on, reports BBC News.

However, Dunstone said: “I cannot foresee any circumstances in which we would voluntarily disconnect a customer’s account on the basis of a third party alleging a wrongdoing. We believe that a fundamental part of our role as an ISP is to protect the rights of our users to use the internet as they choose.”

A BPI spokesperson responded by denying that the organisation wanted ISPs to become ‘internet police’, adding: “No successful partnership can be established with ISPs who refuse to do anything to address the problem of illegal downloading on their networks.”