Download service makes DRM-free major label MP3 breakthrough

7digital has signed up the big four major labels to DRM-free MP3s

UK-based music service 7digital has become the first download service to offer MP3s from the big four record labels free from digital rights management (DRM) software.

The service has signed up Sony BMG, Warners, Universal and EMI to offer DRM-free MP3s, meaning customers won’t face restrictions on copying, transferring and burning the MP3s once downloaded.

Companies such as Apple have indicated a desire to supply DRM-free MP3s, but 7digital have beaten the company and their iTunes service in signing up the big four major labels, reports the Guardian.

The move is expected to increase the sales of MP3 downloads, as most customers prefer DRM-free software, which the major labels have resisted in the past.

7digital has launched in the UK, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Germany, France and Spain, and will launch in the USA and Canada later in 2008.